Meet Shawn

My goal is to blend the major components of physical therapy, personal training, performance coaching, and mobility to target the entire person.

Meet Shawn

Physical therapy

Sports and movement have always been a significant part of Shawn’s journey. Being a four-year varsity high school athlete in soccer and wrestling, he learned the dedication and perseverance it takes to continue to set goals and battle adversity.  Through the disciplines of being a student-athlete, he acquired and demonstrated the qualities it takes to captivate and motivate others and thrived as a two-year captain of the wrestling team.  These experiences fostered his love for mentoring. Shawn continued to coach wrestling throughout college and continues to consult with high schools in the area of injury prevention and training methods.  He applies this same paradigm today, which lead to the foundation of PT Progression. 

In graduate school, building upon his sports background, Shawn refined his focus and embraced his innate desire to help people move better. He founded and successfully ran a non-profit, year-long exercise program utilizing evidence-based movement and mobility treatment for people with Parkinson’s disease and other Neurological Disorders. By working with this challenging population, it cultivated Shawn’s immense creativity, passion, and unique ability to connect with all types of people.  He taught fellow graduate students and younger clinicians his curriculum and demonstrated to them how to embrace his system. Today, 10+ years later, Shawn’s custom-built system is still running strong. He continues to develop and share his skills, talents, and abilities with his clients through his customized group mobility classes today that are designed for all ages.

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As a practicing and licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy, adjunct graduate professor, and avid sports enthusiast, Shawn understands the importance for ease of movement. He communicates with his clients the proper prerequisites that are required for pain-free function and mobility.

His goal is to blend the major components of physical therapy, personal training, performance coaching, and mobility to target the entire person. Shawn understands the intricate differences from one person to the next.

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 Together with his client, he creates a path for restoring optimal function, listens and utilizes an effective method for each client to achieve their goals as safe and quickly as possible.


Name of the course
University of Rhode Island
Doctor of Physical Therapy   
May 2013
University of Rhode Island   
Bachelor of Science, Kinesiology
May 2010
Institute of Orthopedic Manual Therapy
MGH-IHP PT 772: Advanced Spine Care Adjunct Professor
Advanced Spine Care course
APTA-MA Manual Therapy SIG Guest Lecturer 
Guest speaker for presentation titled “Manual Therapy Considerations for Lumbar Instability”
September 2015
ACE Fitness Certification
APTA-MA  Manual Therapy SIG
BAA Medical Volunteer: Boston Marathon
Built to Run: Boston Marathon Pre/Post- Injury Clinic 
Simmons College PT 736 Adjunct Professor
Advanced Topics in Physical Therapy

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