Frequently Asked Questions

PT PROGRESSION is for any athlete or non-athlete who is struggling to heal from an injury or ongoing physical pain or impairment. We often treat people who can’t get results or keep re-injuring themselves.  It is for the individual that wants to know how and what to do to prevent further injury and get back to full function and performance.

This process starts with a thorough initial consultation designed to determine what is going on. At that point, a decision and discussion will happen to determine whether traditional PT, Athletic Development, or Golf Performance is the right choice for your current needs.

We provide a proven, hands-on system that gets results in a clean, state-of-the-art rehabilitation and performance studio in the heart of South Natick on Route 16, right next to Elm Bank. Through years of treating high school and college athletes and individuals from acute injury to improving performance, they have gained the experience to know what each individual needs for maximum performance and to continue to do their sport or hobby pain-free.

PT Progression is referred to as an “out of network” provider and charges a “fee for service”. We do not directly work with any insurance company.  However, many clients and patients can get partial reimbursement (60-80% ) from their health insurance/ HSA for physical therapy services. Typically a ‘ PPO’ insurance provider has an ‘out of network’ benefit. To find out if your insurance company will reimburse, call the number on the back of your insurance card. If they do, a ‘Super Bill’ can be provided, and your insurance company will partially reimburse you directly for physical therapy services.

Unfortunately, the current in-network model of physical therapy does not allow for the individual attention and detailed treatment that is provided by our Doctors of Physical Therapy at PT PROGRESSION. Here you will receive the high-end, one-on-one services that you deserve.

Your first visit will include a thorough full-body evaluation, movement assessment, hands-on treatment, and education for you to gain better understanding of your body and how you move. During this time, our physical therapists will get a better understanding of you as a person and your personal goals.

Follow-up appointments will be based on findings during your initial evaluation and on an as-need basis. Because of our cash model, we are awarded the flexibility to cater to your individual needs and goals. Sessions will include a combination of manual therapy bodywork, corrective exercises, and strategies for home management.

NO! In the state of Massachusetts, we have direct access, meaning you can see a physical therapist directly. Our Doctors’ advanced training allows them to diagnose and treat based on impairments but also the knowledge to refer to a licensed medical practitioner if the condition lies outside their scope of physical therapy practice.

Please provide 24-hour notice if you need to cancel your appointment. For cancellations under 24 hours, there will be a fee. No-show appointments will be charged the full price of the service.

Extenuating circumstances and special situations will be reviewed on an individual basis.

Yes, the session intends to provide maximum strength, mobility, and cardiovascular fitness to return to sport or recreational activity without restriction. Often, a client starts out rehabilitating an acute injury and, during treatment, transitions into more of a personal training session to adequately prepare the body for return to activity. This progression from physical therapy to customized personal training is our specialty at PT PROGRESSION.

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We work with highly motivated individuals who are committed to a lifestyle embodying health, wellness, and mobility and want to be able to perform in life, work, and sport at their highest level.