Athletic Development Training in Natick MA

Functional exercise-based physical therapy facility in Natick MA that serves those that are chronically injured or those experiencing nagging results from their current fitness model.

We customize and build pain management rehab and fitness programs, tailored to your needs. With the combination of advanced manual therapy, mobility, and corrective exercises, our clients gain confidence, improve body control, and learn the skills to prevent injuries now and in the future. Our specialty areas include providing functional golf assessments and corrective exercises, directing high-performance athletic training with an emphasis on injury prevention, alleviating chronic pain and mobility deficits through the use of manual and therapeutic exercise, and most importantly, we treat or train people who have not had success with previous rehab and/or fitness protocols.

You will work one on one with a licensed physical therapist for all your mobility and performance goals. Whether you are an avid golfer with lackluster results or an everyday professional with aches and pains.

Who Are Our Ideal Clients?

It may be the person who is fearful of movement due to nagging injuries, serious athletes dedicated to preventing future injuries who are looking to improve performance, and perhaps those who want to jumpstart their fitness routine that is customized and catered to their individual body needs.

We Work with individuals through their progression….

What to expect?

Customized physical evaluation

to find the root cause of your issue or impairment. Once a detailed analysis of your particular impairments is found, the appropriate dose of exercise and/or manual therapy will be provided to meet your individual needs.

Hybrid Sessions

consisting of pliability, core strengthening, injury prevention, cardiovascular exercise, and manual therapy

Utilize the latest techniques

in functional exercise, manual therapy techniques including advanced spine joint mobilizations and soft tissue techniques

Our Goal

Our goal is to blend the major components of physical therapy, personal training, performance coaching, and mobility to target the entire person. We understand the intricate differences from one person to the next. Together with their client’s goals in mind, we create a path for restoring optimal function, listen and utilize an effective method for each client to achieve their goals as safely and quickly as possible.

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We work with highly motivated individuals who are committed to a lifestyle embodying health, wellness, and mobility and want to be able to perform in life, work, and sport at their highest level.