I was referred to PT because of a torn meniscus. Shawn supported me with exercises, therapy, and overall great encouragement. His immense knowledge and techniques helped me to continue my everyday life pain-free. I would absolutely recommend him!

Sandy F.

Working with Shawn has been a game-changer. He has a great amount of knowledge and knows what he is talking about. I have worked with him on three different fronts: physical therapy, mobility training, and personal training. I first met Shawn when I had to have surgery on my medial meniscus, and he was great at rehabilitating me and getting me back to full strength. We then transitioned to working on my mobility with stretching classes. I also did some personal training with Shawn that ranged from injury prevention to core strength and flexibility. One of the best parts of working with Shawn is the amount of knowledge you gain from him. He explains every exercise or stretch and tells you what specifically you are doing and how it benefits you. Shawn is a very outgoing and kind person and I enjoy every session I have with him.

Jack Funke

BC football ‘26

I was in rough shape when I first came in to see Shawn in August of 2020. Almost Forty Years of playing hockey had really begun to take its toll on my body. I was experiencing what I thought was a severely pulled groin and a very stiff lower back. Shawn created a program for me consisting of an intense Physical Therapy session once a week and a very beneficial stretching regiment that we implemented immediately. Within a month, the benefits were tangible, and my pain had subsided tremendously. I have been working with Shawn for three years, and I am a world away from where I was when I first came in for the initial exam. I cannot say enough good things about Shawn and his professionalism, knowledge, and implementation of a plan that has truly changed my active lifestyle for the better.

Teddy O’Brien

A couple of years ago, I was experiencing back and leg pain which interrupted my running routine and often made my 50-minute commute to work agonizing. I connected with Dr. Shawn Sprague and, after a few sessions with him, began to feel better, and my ride to work eventually became pain-free.

Shawn asked me a lot of questions and shared alternative ideas for exercise and movement. Then he offered me a weekly routine with him that involves manual manipulation of my legs and back and strenuous stretches and exercises to strengthen my core.

Shawn is serious about fitness, strength & conditioning, and one’s well-being. And he is also a great listener who can put you at ease with his positive attitude, good humor, and professional and gracious demeanor. He expertly explains a physiological condition or situation in a way that is accessible and meaningful.

I’m incredibly fortunate to be able to work with Shawn Sprague. He’s helped to reorient my thinking and activities around running, exercise, and fitness; he’s helped me to become stronger and stay healthy for my family and my work in the community.

Dan Gutekanst

After falling out of my workout routine due to a major injury, Shawn has put me back on track. He prepares tailored training sessions that are challenging and rewarding. He is personable, engaging, and knowledgeable. Shawn knows just how much to push to maximize our sessions. No matter your level of fitness, I highly recommend working with Shawn. As an added bonus, Shawn’s physical therapy background allows him to quickly diagnose issues and work through injuries. A winning combination!

Eric Greenberg